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Westchester Women's Soccer League 

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1.  When do teams play?

All games are played Sunday mornings for both the Outdoor and Indoor season.
Fall and Spring Outdoor games start between 8:00am and 9:00am.
Winter Indoor games start between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday evenings, and  8:00am and 10:00pm Sunday mornings.

2.  Where do teams play?

Outdoor games are all over Westchester County at local high school, college, and town fields, anywhere from Mahopac to New Rochelle. See our Field Info. Page for more information.
Indoor games are played at Armonk Indoor Sports Center.

3.  How long are the seasons?

Spring Season: April-June
Fall Season: September-November
Winter Indoor: December-March

4.  How many teams are in the WWSL?

Currently the league has 9 Outdoor teams: New Rochelle Loose Cannons, Bedford Fusion, Harrison Strikers, Blaze, Edgemont United, White Plains Foxes, Phoenix, Panthers, and Mahopac United.
During the Winter season, several teams in the league split to accommodate smaller rosters for 8 vs. 8 play.

5.  How much does the WWSL cost?

Each team determines their own dues based on field costs, referee costs, league insurance, and other individual team costs such as uniforms, flags, balls, coaching fees, etc. It is also decided by the roster size of the team.

6.  How long are the games?

Outdoor games consist of two 45 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time.
Indoor games are a continuous 58 minutes with no half-time to maximize playing time.

7.  Is there practice?

Some teams practice, some do not. The decision is determined by each team's captains.

8.  Are there coaches?

Some teams have them, some do not. The decision is determined by each team's captains.

9.  Can I take public transportation to the fields?

No, unfortunately Westchester fields are not accessible by any public transportation.

10.  What are the age requirements to play in the WWSL?

The minimum age to play in the WWSL is 18. There is no maximum. We currently have players ranging in age from 18-50+!

11.  Must you live in Westchester to play in the WWSL?


12.  Are there referees during the games?

Yes, all referees are professionally certified and assigned by an established referee assignor. FIFA rules are observed during play.

13.  Does the WWSL play during the summer?

Yes! There is a summer league consisting of 4 teams for small games at SUNY Purchase.

14.  How can I get placed on a team?

Please fill out our League Interest Form and our Player Registrar will get back to you! Some teams already have full rosters but others might be looking for players. We are also always collecting new players to add to new forming teams. If you're interested in forming a new team with members of our new player pool, feel free to step up and become a captain and we'll work with you to form a new team!